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Evaluating Health Information on the Internet

The Internet enables consumers to quickly access and exchange an incredible wealth of health information. Unfortunately, not all of this information is reliable. There is no governing body or authority patrolling the Internet to ensure the accuracy, currency, or completeness of information found on websites, or to assess the motives of website producers. Evaluating websites is the consumer's responsibility.

Our Top Ten Health Sites

Here is a selection of Internet sites our staff finds helpful in answering consumer health questions. Remember that visiting a website should not substitute for a personal consultation with a health care provider.

Calorie King Drug Information Online

Family Caregiver Alliance


Lab Tests Online

Mayo Clinic


The Merck Manual of Medical Information, home edition

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine


Additional Health Internet Sites

For links to 100 trust-worthy health information sites on the Internet, visit the CAPHIS web site. CAPHIS is the Consumer and Patient Health Information Section of the Medical Library Association.


The Tremaine Resource Center maintains this web site to share information with the community about the library's programs, resources, and services and to direct consumers to generally reliable, complete, and current Internet sources for health and wellness information. We do not provide medical advice or professional services. The Resource Center cannot guarantee the accuracy of the websites we recommend. A visit to our website, or to any of the sites we suggest, should not substitute for professional care. We strongly encourage consumers to carefully evaluate any health information they find on the Internet and to discuss this information with their health care providers.

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