Send a CareGram to a MidState Patient

Patient CareGram is a free service of MidState Medical Center that allows you to send a greeting to a friend or loved one who is currently a patient at MidState Medical Center and listed in our facility directory.

Using our service, you can customize the look of your Patient CareGram by selecting a picture and border to appear on the greeting, along with your own personal message. You can preview the Patient CareGram and make changes if necessary, then send it electronically to our Volunteer Services staff.

Your Patient CareGramwill be printed and delivered to the patient the following day, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). Every attempt will be made to ensure the patient receives his/her Patient CareGram, even if they have moved to another room, or have left the hospital.

Note that we reserve the right to refuse delivery of any messages and/or images included in your CareGram that is deemed inappropriate.

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