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If you're wondering how daVinci© Robotic Surgery works ... whether you're a candidate for robotic surgery... or any other topic related to this new, advanced surgical technology ... we invite you to "ask the experts." Just email your question. An expert from the MidState Medical Surgical Center will get back to you and answer all your questions about the robot-assisted surgeries available right here, in Meriden, CT.

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One of Connecticut's Most Advanced Surgical Centers

If you live in central Connecticut, the Midstate Medical Surgical Center offers you easy access to one of the state's most technologically advanced surgical centers. The skilled surgeons at MidState's Surgical Center are trained in all the latest minimally invasive procedures, including robot-assisted surgeries. We have an experienced surgical support team, including our surgical physician assistants who help manage your treatment to ensure a speedy recovery.

Our technologies are second to none. We offer private inpatient rooms only. And, we're conveniently located in Meriden, CT. Most importantly, the surgeons at the MidState Medical Surgical Center have achieved a consistently strong record of results.

We're proud to provide patients throughout central Connecticut with the very best in surgical care. The MidState Surgical Center offers a wide range of procedure - everything from bariatric surgery (surgical weight loss) to vascular surgery to gall bladder removal to oncological surgeries and many more.

We are honored that so many patients in central Connecticut count on the MidState Medical Surgical Center for sound, innovative clinical solutions that provide them with the greatest physical and emotional comfort, as well as the potential for the best possible outcome.

Learn more about pre-admission testing for surgery patients.

The MidState Surgical Center's Surgeons

Many of the highly skilled and experienced surgeons who practice at the MidState Medical Surgical Center have also practiced at large, tertiary-care hospitals. All are board certified. They've been drawn to MidState's Surgical Center by our collaborative approach to patient care, as well as our investment in the most advanced surgical tools available. The entire team at the MidState Medical Surgical Center is committed to providing patients in central Connecticut with advanced surgical treatment in a comfortable, caring environment.

Surgeries Available at MidState's Surgical Center

Collectively, the physicians at MidState's Surgical Center offer a wide range of expertise. To learn more about any of the surgical procedures offered at our Center, click on the links below:

Our Technology

For many years, MidState's Surgical Center has consistently invested in the newest, most advanced technology available. In fact, our surgeons have led the way in introducing new surgical techniques to central Connecticut.

Today's minimally invasive procedures are greatly evolved from earlier laparoscopic procedures. Now, minimally invasive surgical techniques are the preferred approach for most patients. The surgeon makes fewer and smaller incisions in the body. Compared to traditional "open" surgeries, or even earlier laparoscopic procedures, today's minimally invasive surgeries offer significant benefits to the patient: less pain after surgery, shorter hospital stays, faster recoveries and fewer complications.

We also offer daVinci© Robotic Surgery for a variety of procedures across a number of disciplines, including Urology and Gynecology. Learn More.

Although minimally invasive surgery is not suitable for every patient, its applications are increasing. If you live in or near Meriden, CT and need surgery, consider the options available at the MidState Surgical Center. Above all, talk with your surgeon. And remember that all of the surgeons at the MidState Medical Surgical Center are committed to offering you the best possible choice to return to health as quickly as possible.

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